Should I stay or should I go?How do I decide if moving abroad is right for me?

It could be that the best decision you make is not to move abroad.

This eBook will help you discover if expatriation is right for you. It will also assist you in asking all the right questions you can make an informed decision around your adventure of expatriation.

How do we support our child?How do I prepare my child for a move overseas?

Children enjoy routine and they feel secure in an environment that is familiar to them. A life without change feels comfortable to them because it is stable and predictable.

This eBook explains why moving abroad can be good for children and includes the best strategies to support your child.

How do I choose the right home?What do I need to know about choosing a new home in a new country?

Choosing the right neighbourhood and home in a foreign country can be very difficult. Being happy in your new home is one of the most important factors to your happiness as an expat.

This eBook will help you find the right home, so that you can fully enjoy your time as an expat.

12-Part Course


Build a foundation for successful and happy expat living

This course will help you prepare for the days, weeks and months leading up to your expatriation. You’ll learn the best strategies to thrive during this challenging period of change and be equipped with everything you need to make yourself at home in your new host city.

Three steps to settle in quicklyHow do I get settled in to my new life as quickly as possible?

Making yourself at home in your new expat host city will be a challenge – and you can do with all the help you can get.

Research shows three important, but easy, things expats should do to feel at home quickly. We’ve compiled these three steps into an eBook that will help you settle into your expat life quickly.

How do I make new friends?How do I create a circle of new friends in my host city?

One of the most important ingredients for a happy expat life is finding new friends while living overseas.

For most people this is not the easiest thing to do at the best of times. In a new city as an expat it is all the more daunting. Find out what you can do to quickly surround yourself by new friends.

Preparation for the accompanying partner.

How do I get ready for a life as accompanying partner?

Moving abroad as a couple puts a strain on the relationship. During their expat stay, many couples split up.

One of the main cause of the breakdown of expat relationships is because the accompanying partner is not happy. Prepare for a different dynamic in your relationship, and make sure the two of you remain a happy couple.


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