Why every expat needs a Kindle eReader

  • Kindle e-readers are lighter than a paperback, slimmer than a pencil, can easily be carried around and hold hundreds of books at the same time.
  • You’ll never lose a single book, every book you buy is stored in a library in the cloud with Amazon. Wherever you are, you can access it whenever you want.
  • You can download all your books to multiple devices. Read your eBooks on most mobile devices as well as laptops and desktops both Mac and PC, using the Kindle App. You can even borrow Kindle eBooks from your friends, schools and libraries for free.
  • Charging your Kindle e-reader is quick and simple, with the USB cable provided. It will even work with many mobile phone chargers (less chargers to carry around when travelling). . Fully charged, the battery provides weeks of reading.
  • Kindle eBooks are generally far less expensive than printed books. Amazon also provides a choice of hundreds of high quality free Kindle eBooks.
  • While the country you are living in might censor certain books, if your Kindle is registered in your home country, you can download eBooks that are on the forbidden list in your host country.
  • Getting hold of books in your home language while living abroad can be extremely difficult. But with a Kindle e-reader you’ll have access to eBooks in the language of your choice.

Choose the Kindle eReader that best suites your expat life.


The original Kindle displays books in great quality, making sure you can read easily in the sun without being affected by the sun’s glare.


Provides a built-in back-light so you can read at night while your partner sleeps, outdoors while admiring the starry sky, or avoid having to watch night flight movies over and over again… Read without having to turn on your overhead light and disturb other sleeping passengers.


The Kindle Fire is basically a tablet, much like an iPad. Apart from books, it is ideal for reading magazines, surfing the web, using apps, watching movies and playing games.

Kindle devices are quite simply the best e-readers available on the market.

Kindle readers can choose from Amazon’s extensive library of eBooks, many of which are only available on Kindle, and hundreds are even offered for free.

Besides eBooks, you can also enjoy magazines, movies and apps with a Kindle, making it a must have device.

How do I know this?

I’ve been caught stirring the family dinner with my right hand while holding my Kindle close to my nose with my left. As books of mine are also published as Kindle eBooks, so I know Amazon Kindle from the perspectives of an avid reader and an author. This review is based on my experience as an expat and the author of the Expat-Living.info Guide to Johannesburg.

Barbara Bruhwiler