At, we are a team of expats on a mission to help others:

We are happily living abroad, in different cities and countries across the globe, and we would love others to experience this great and enriching lifestyle, too.

Knowing first-hand how difficult, time consuming and nerve-wracking it is to move to a foreign place, we find that our readers deserve nothing but the best: comprehensive, practical advice about day-to-day living in their destinations, as well as hand-picked contacts.

Our team members are busy collecting useful information for others. Below are some of the authors who have already finished their Guides:

Barbara Bruhwiler

Barbara Bruhwiler

The face behind this website

Barbara is not only co-founder of, but she is also the main contributor to this website.

Australia, Italy and Costa Rica are a few of the places where Barbara has lived. Since 2006, she has been staying in Johannesburg with her husband and their two children; so she has experienced all the ups and downs of an expat family settling in.

In her free time, Barbara can often be found in the African bush, or else with her nose deep in a book. She has even been caught stirring her family’s dinner with her right hand while holding her kindle e-reader in her left…
Barbara regularly coaches expats and she has made herself a reputation as “Johannesburg expat expert” through her “Expat Advice” column in a local magazine. She is also the author of several books, with publishing houses in three countries.

With us here at, Barbara is not only co-founder, but also the author of the Guide to Johannesburg – and we also use her a bit as the “go-to-lady”.

Suzanne Wishart

Suzanne Wishart

Our Kuala Lumpur expert

Suzanne started life as an expat already. The move to the family's home country, the Netherlands, was too soon though for her to be able to boast about a wide international experience. But Suzanne was determined to catch up and started travelling the globe extensively as soon as she was able to do so independently.

For 20 years she settled for a career in technology and telecommunication, before the expat bug bit again and she moved back overseas. Now, Suzanne can be found in Kuala Lumpur with her British husband and their two boys, enjoying all the beauty and advantages that the city and its surrounding have to offer.

Apart from spending time looking after her family, Suzanne is busy travelling in South East Asia, trying to remember how to play her oboe, practicing her kickboxing moves and, of course, keeping notes of everything novel or noteworthy she does, hears or sees in KL: to include it in the next update of the Guide to Kuala Lumpur eBook.

Renata Harper

Renata Harper

Our team member on the tip of Africa

By the age of 13, she had already been to five schools, due to a relocation and repatriation. Later she studied Italian in Italy and lived in the Netherlands for love, finally moving to Cape Town. Needless to say, her husband is an accomplished expat himself, with parents from two different continents, while he now lives on a third…

Despite several moves, Cape Town somehow always ended up being ‘home’ for Renata. Today she lives in the Mother City with her Dutch husband and three pets, the latter all unplanned.

Renata loves to spend her leisure time out in nature, hiking wilderness trails and following game tracks. She also finds it hard to refuse a good glass of local wine. You’ll often find her in one of Cape Town’s many wonderful cafés, no doubt collecting ever more information to add to her Guide to Cape Town.

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